Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently

I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the November Currently!


 I can't believe it's November! Wow! This year has gone fast.
I'm listening to the hum of the air purifier in our living room with no other sounds. I love it! The rest of the family is still sleeping so it's Cooper & me hanging out on the couch. My husband always feels like he has to turn on the TV & watch Sports Center as soon as he wakes up. Personally...I love to just sit in a quiet house & enjoy the silence.


Yesterday was my son's 12th birthday. A wonderful lady that worked as my husband's assistant (He's a teacher too.) made the cake for us. I've been thinking about eating that cake for breakfast since I woke up. I may have a problem. :)


I can't believe Chase turned 12 yesterday. My life has been a roller coaster since this guy was born. He had a stroke before birth which resulted in a blood clot also going to his arm cutting off the circulation. We spent 6 weeks in the NICU at Riley Hospital for children when he was born.  He had 6 surgeries on his arm with multiple amputations, skin grafts etc. in the first 3 months of his life.  We were told he would never walk, talk, or feed himself due to the severity of brain damage caused by the stroke. He's been in physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, speech therapy, and equine therapy since he was 3 months old. We have done everything possible we can to prove our doctors wrong & give this amazing boy the life he deserves. He's doing everything we were told he wouldn't do. He has seizures because of the stroke, a wicked case of ADHD, and he is delayed in school. But...he's a math fact whiz, a sports addict, has a  hilarious personality, and is the most determined guy I've seen. I know he'll do great things.


I want this cold weather to go away!! Trick or treating was awful! It was cold, rainy, and we even had snowflakes.  Yesterday, the wind was just blustery. I want to go back to Florida! We went to Panama City on our fall break & it was just beautiful & warm! It's hard to come back to Indiana weather. :( 


I REALLY need to create some new things for my classroom & TPT store. I have just been so busy being a mom & teacher that I don't even feel like I have time to think anymore. My daughter is in EVERYTHING at school. She's 13 going on 20 and feels the need to be in everything: show choir, orchestra, student council, peer mentor, swimming, cross country, and softball. The past two weeks I've spent every spare moment trying to come up with & organize fundraisers to try to help her show choir take an awesome trip in the spring. It hasn't left time for me to sit down & work on things for myself. Maybe November will be better. ;) 


I'm only a couple of chapters into Gone Girl. I haven't decided yet if I like it. I just KNOW the husband has killed his wife & it's just a very weird story so far. I've heard many positive I'll keep reading. If only I get get farther before I fall asleep.  

I'm also reading The Maze Runner series. My daughter read the series a few years ago & wants to see the movie with me. I won't see the movie until I finish the series, so I've been trying to finish reading it while also reading Gone Girl since it's a library loan. I'm pretty sure I'd make more progress if I'd just focus on one of them & get it done. 

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