Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School Exchange Kits

Back to school is such a stressful time. This year was even crazier! We had construction in our building so we couldn't get in to set up our rooms until 2 1/2 days before school started. On top of that I changed classrooms so I felt even more pressure.  We started back to school in July. The back to school survival kit came on my first day back. So...I meant to take a bunch of pictures, but it didn't exactly happen. 

I received some nice goodies from Rachel. My favorite was the Amazon gift card! I'm borderline addicted to Amazon Prime. 

I was SOO excited about the chocolate & I didn't even get to eat 1 piece. To add to the stress of the short timeline to get my room ready I had a MOUSE in my desk drawer the first week of school! Yep! A real live mouse! The first day I just saw his destruction.  He ate through my bag of brand new chocolates,  left me have chewed spearmint candies, and unfortunately left all kinds of "presents" for me. I  had to clean it all myself. So I left a glue trap in my drawer & you guessed it, I had a nice dead mouse to greet me a couple of days later.  

I was so looking forward to eating those chocolates! :( At least the pens have came in tremendously useful & I've already used all of the post its. We've been in school 4 weeks now so no more neat organized desk.  Hope you all have a better start to the year than mine. haha

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